The Venus Aria 23KT Gold Concert Grand Harp Voyager Records
The Venus Aria 23KT Gold Concert Grand Harp

Rental Fees
The rental cost ranges from $30 per month to $175 per month depending on the specific instrument rented. Most harps have a three-month minimum rental period.

The harps are rented for home use only, and may not be used for professional work. Single day performance rentals are available by special arrangement only.


HeartStrings Harp Rentals


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Voyager Harp Rentals


Harp Rentals

HeartStrings now has a select number of pedal and lever harp rentals available in the Nashville, TN area. (Outside areas will be considered on an individual basis). Renting a harp is a great way for students of all ages to start on an instrument they have always wanted to learn. Adults and younger students can choose a harp suitable to their hands.

Harps are subject to availability and range in size from 23 strings to 46 strings. Many people choose a rental to try playing a harp before making a major investment. The pedal harp is a good option for the lever harpist who may be looking to move up to a larger instrument.

Harps currently available include the following:
Venus Premiere Pedal Harp
L & H Folk Harp
Assorted Rosewood Harps


Why rent a harp for my event?

All harps come with a tuning key and cover. (Renter is responsible for all insurance and any string replacement and maintenance costs.)

For further information on harps and availability contact:

Heart Strings, Inc.

P.O. Box 41807
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: (615) 333-0804

Celtic Harp

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